Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours - Knoxville, TN

Patrons go on an “Investigation” with trained paranormal investigators, to real Factual “Ground Zero’s” (Researched location of traumatic happenings) , and participants are given Tools used by REAL paranormal investigators (as seen on TV).

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Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is at Maple Hall.

We ask participants to please watch their Gas-tious Sulfuric Emissions on our Events! Happy Haunting <3

Ghost Adventures Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours #realevidenceofparanormal #holdyourfarts #paranormalwind #knoxghost J-Adam Smith: Film Actor / Paranormal Historian

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In a spoof of the Travel Channel's show Most Haunted, ghost hunter Derek Acorah (Hugh Laurie) makes excuses for a mysterious sound his crew (Fred Armisen, Bi...

Thank You!

Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours shared a post — in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Thank You! <3
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Thank you for a great time!! Your tour was one of the best ones I have ever been on!! Well worth the money for a first class hands experience!

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Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours
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