Sorrel-Weed Ghost Tour - Savannah, GA

As featured on “Ghost Hunters” and “Most Terrifying Places in America,” this tour inside the most haunted home in Savannah is not for the faint of heart. This 90-minute journey through the Sorrel-Weed Mansion and Carriage House includes actual paranormal testing, such as EMFs and IR setup, and you’ll get to see the footage that TAPS recorded on their visit here. Adults 13 and up, $25. Children 7-12, $10. Call for reservations: (912) 257-2223

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Ryan G.'s Review Ryan G.
5.0 star rating

Such a good tour! Well-priced, and nice and spooky as you would hope. Our tour guide was very well-rehearsed and knowledgeable about the property.

We also...

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Jordan M.'s Review Jordan M.
5.0 star rating

With so many ghost tours in Savannah it's hard to decide which to do. We went with this one because it actually brings you INSIDE one of the most haunted...

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Ashley E.'s Review Ashley E.
5.0 star rating

We were walking past and a tour was about to start - and she said it was only $10, so for the just over an hour tour from i think her name was Anne (from...

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