CMC Haunted House - Cicero, NY

Now 2 trails in 2020!

You will have a hair-raising experience with this production. Tour through the two barns of terrifying tunnels and turns. This year’s house has been amp’d up with all new audio and visual features. All of your favorite fears and phobias crawling in every corner….Clowns Spiders, Rats, Snakes, Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, Nuns, Psych Ward Inmates, Witches … and much more! While you are at the Haunted House, be sure to enjoy some of the other features we offer for your entertainment pleasure such as food/snacks, Photo Opportunities, get in the hearse, and enjoy an outdoor movie by the bonfire.

$13 for 1 trail, $20 for 2 trails, or $25 for RIP tickets.

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