Haunted Maze - Florence, OR

Canceled for 2022 – they’re hoping to be back next year! Normally: Open generally in October on most nights the week leading up to Halloween.  Scare C.R.O.W. is based around a Freak Show at a traveling carnival.  Tickets are $6 for the maze.  This is not a kiddie maze.  Usually, when the Carnival comes to town, it’s time for fun and merry-making.  But this time, something is different.  Something just isn’t right about the performers.  One by one, humanity has been drained from the traveling troupe, until all that is left is utter darkness.  They want YOU to join them in their macabre celebration under the tent.  Will you enter the Freak Show to see what’s on display?  And once you enter, will you…..STAY?

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