Indy Horror Story - Indianapolis, IN

Sorry folks but this attraction will not open in 2020 due to virus concerns.  They hope everyone will stay safe and visit next fall.  The Hell House on Prospect Street is the theme.  Indy Horror Story uses elements of live theatre, escape rooms and haunted houses to create physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging experiences. This interactive show incorporates the audience into the story as characters. There is nothing quite like Indy Horror Story in the area. Using a blend of terrifying storytelling, a musical score, detailed scenes, scents, Hollywood style makeup FX, climate control, special FX and professional actors, Indy Horror Story creates a truly immersive and interactive experience. You will converse with actors, perform tasks, look for objects and solve mysteries as you crawl, climb and claw your way through the story. Come take the plunge into terror in our 109 year old home.

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