1980s Costumes

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80’s Costume Ideas

Flashdance Costumes: Your Alex Owens costume from the hit 1983 movie starring Jennifer Beals will have everyone thinking of the big hair and gaudy accessories that the 1980s became known for:
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Top Gun Costumes: Tony Scott’s 1986 film about the Navy’s advanced fighter pilot training program at Miramar known as Top Gun was a blockbuster, raking in $300 million at the box office. The film starred Tom Cruise as Maverick, Anthony Edwards as his copilot Goose, and Kelly McGillis as the flight instructor call sign Charlie.
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Michael Jackson Costumes: The King of Pop shed the Jackson 5 label and became a blockbuster solo artist in the 1980s with hits Thriller, Beat it and Bad, among others.
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Ghostbusters Costumes: The popular 1984 and 1989 movies starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd follows their ghost hunting antics as parapsychologists across New York City. Both the original and the sequel brought in more than $200 million in revenue at the box office.
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