Princess Jasmine Hair, Makeup and Nail Art Tutorials

Want a magic carpet ride with Aladdin this Halloween?  Do a total makeover of your makeup, hair and nails to get in character with these costume tutorials to aid you in your transformation into the Disney Princess Jasmine.

Makeup Tutorials

These two videos both have over a million views on YouTube.  They are by Michelle Phan and Promise Phan, her sister-in-law and also a makeup artist.  They show you to different ways to achieve the same look.

Hair Tutorials

The following instructional video for her hairstyle starts just after 5:03 so you can skip ahead if you don’t need to see another makeup lesson.  If you are still struggling to get the look right, by all means watch the video from the very beginning.

CuteGirlsHairstyles also did a video tutorial for the Disney Styles channel on YouTube.  It shows you how to create a bubble ponytail from long hair.

Nail Art

Here are two video tutorials to help you create your own nail art for Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin.

The first video shows Julie G. painting Jasmine on her ring finger and then a glitter coating on her other nails using her own line of nail polish.

The second video depicts Tanja painting Jasmine on her ring finger and a matching flower on her other nails.  Jasmine is painted with acrylic and finished off with gold polish.

Do you have your outfit already?  If you don’t, we can help you buy one or make one.

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