Chess Costumes

Searching for a way to put other party goers in check?  Looking for the perfect couples costume to make you king and queen of the ball?  Okay, enough with the bad puns – check out these chess costumes.

The ladies queen chess costume is an elegant black affair accented with the familiar black and white checkerboard pattern familiar to chess enthusiasts around the world.  The slim-fit waist and dagged sleeves keep this a very feminine costume.  The queen’s hat may be a little much for some but it comes included with this ladies chess costume.

The girl’s chess costume is similar in that it is black and white but the slim-fit design becomes more flowing and a little more fairy tale-esque.  In place of the black head topper is a silver crown.

The men’s king chess costume is similar to the ladies queen costume – it’s a long flowing robe in black and white – but the hat features the iconic cross design befitting a king.

About Chess

Chess, in some form or another, has been played all over the world for thousands of years.  The earliest discovered form of the game comes from India.  In the 6th century people played caturaga, a game which featured the contemporary equivalents of the pawn, the knight, and the bishop.

However, chess as we know it was refined in or around 1475 in southern Europe.  The game caught on with nobles with idle time because it was a mirror of the power struggle that went on in real life on an international scale.

It was around this time that the Queen replaced the piece called the vizier and became the most powerful piece on the board, surpassing even the strength of the king himself.

The first organized chess tournament was stage in London in 1854.  Since then the game has captured the imaginations of inventors, aristocrats, and computer programmers.  In 1997 Deep Blue (IBM’s pride and joy) became the first computer to beat a human, chess champion Gary Kasparov, in single combat at the chess board.

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