Super Mario Brothers Costumes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The perfect Super Mario Brothers Halloween costume isn’t just a fake mustache glued onto your upper lip – it takes more than a mustache to rescue a princess.

From the blue overalls to the red hat and shirt (or green if you prefer to dress up as Luigi, Mario’s skinnier brother) everything about the characters have become symbols of a generation.  So if you’re going to dress as Mario, you better go whole-hog.

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Who would have thought that dressing up as a plumber could make anyone so happy?

And Super Mario costumes aren’t just for kids.  You can find Mario Brothers costumes to fit just about anyone of any age – men, women, children, even babies.  You can even find Mario Brothers costumes for your pets, you know, in case your pooch ever wants to dress as Bowser for Halloween.

But the variety of Super Mario Costumes available for purchase doesn’t stop with those two loveable Italians (their costumes are identical save for the colors and the letter monogrammed on their clothing).  As the game series has advanced, more characters have been added and most have commercially available Halloween costumes you can buy — Princess Peach, Toad, even any number of Koopas including Bowser himself.

About Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.  The sequel to the 1983 smash hit Mario Brothers, the game franchise quickly became Nintendo’s iconic flagship.  Since then, Mario and his brother Luigi (along with Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and the rest of the gang) have been entertaining generations.

However, Mario Brothers was not Mario’s first appearance on a video game console. Created by Shigeru Myamoto, Mario’s first role was as Jumpman in the classic arcade/console game Donkey Kong.  That one smash hit, and a bit of smart licensing on Nintendo’s part, has allowed Mario to star or feature in over 200 video games since his creation.

The Mario Brothers series alone has sold well over 200 million copies – that’s not including all the spinoffs and games the iconic plumber has been featured in.  Mario has also appeared in dozens of televisions shows and animated movies making him one of the most well known characters around the world.

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