Group Costumes for Bees

If you need an idea for a group or couples costume involving a bee, then you need look no further. We have scoured hundreds of Halloween party photographs to determine who has executed your quest the best and are now offering up the ideas to you to use. So without further ado, here are the best executions of a group of couples costume involving a bumblebee.

6. Bugs, Bugs, everywhere!

If you didn’t learn in science class that bees and ladybugs travel together, then you definitely have now. We thought these were the best of the hundreds that we saw. And a huge shout-out is earned for male lady bugs.

5. Just a little more honey, my dear!

A mad scientist extracting honey directly from the bee? Must be for one crazy science experiment!

4. A Queen Bee and her Drone Soldiers

They probably fought over who got to carry her for weeks. That’s our only explanation for why she lost her tiara in the scuffle.

Alternatively, just be a swarm of bees. If you have ever been to the zoo and stared at a colony of bees looking for the queen (at the zoo it is usually the one with a big yellow human-made dot on her abdomen), then you know how we felt when looking at this group costume. We just couldn’t find the queen.

3. Beekeeper with Net/Honey and Bee

I’ve seen some classic, funny bee and beekeeper costumes. Add a beekeepers hat and net or bottle of honey to start this costume. And make sure the bee costume has a good stinger so that you can punish the beekeeper all night long!

2. Bugs and exterminator.


Two bugs cozying up to an exterminator has to be one of the best group costumes involving bees that we have ever seen. This could easily have given this idea the award for the best group costume.

1. Bee and Flower

Normally, when we put together a costume website, one of the first things that we do is put together a list of “couples costumes” for women to buy for their men to match their halloween costume. For bee costumes, we built it using the above couples costume ideas.

We still think that we captured the majority of groups involving bee costumes there. But we recently discovered a female costume that we think works fabulously paired with a bee costume. So if you want to wear one of our bumblebees and have a girl friend that needs a woman’s costume, you can go as a pair to your halloween party!

What is this awesome costume idea? She can be a flower!

So simple and yet we have never seen it in any of the costume photos that we have seen. Of course, the reason that we haven’t seen it before is probably that there aren’t many mass produced flower costumes. But we have now found a sexy sunflower costume for her to pair with your sexy bee costume. Here is the photo of the costume:

I hope you have enjoyed the group bee costumes. I hope all you couples enjoy the ideas.

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