Couples and Group Costume Ideas from the Hunger Games

If you are looking for a group or couples costume this year, the Hunger Games provides plenty of different character combinations to choose from. As the star of the movie, every pairing should have someone dressed as Katniss Everdeen. But who should the other men and/or women in your group emulate for Halloween? Here is a list of the male and female characters that you can choose from:

Male Characters from the Hunger Games:

Peeta – Selected to go to the Hunger Games from District 12 with Katniss, Peeta reveals his love for Katniss in an interview before the Arena. Extremely strong from years tossing flour and extraordinary with makeup from his experience decorating cakes, Peeta is co-winner of the 74th Hunger Games. The easiest Peeta costume would be his outfit in the arena. A simple black t-shirt, black hooded leather jacket, cargo pants and black work boots are pretty easy to find. Complete the transformation by dying your hair blond. Here are a few pictures of Peeta and where you can find the items.

Gale – Katniss’ potential love interest back in District 12 that promises to take care of her family when she volunteers for the Games.

Cinna – Katniss’ costume designer creates the amazing Girl on Fire costume. His style in the movie is pretty subdued compared to the other people from the Capital.

Haymitch Abernathy (District 12 Victor and Mentor to Katniss and Peeta) – Playing a drunk at Halloween is always a lot of fun.

Female Characters from the Hunger Games:

Primrose Everdeen – Katniss’ sister will always be known from the Hunger Games for the simple blue dress that she wore at the reaping along with her braids. So if you are going to dress as Primrose, you’ll need to watch this video for tips on how to recreate the braids of Primrose

Rue – The female tribute from District 11 who allies with Katniss but is killed in the Arena.

Effie Trinket – I expect that Effie will be a popular, but difficult character to dress as for Halloween. You can tell from these photos of Effie from the movie that you are committing yourself to some serious makeup and nail work in addition to putting together an outfit for your Effie costume. In order to help you with this transformation, here are several videos so that you can get your Effie makeup correct:

Another fabulous aspect to her style is the nail art. If you want to have Effie Trinket Nails, you’ll need to watch this video:

Animals from the Hunger Games:

Why limit yourself to the human characters? It’s Halloween. Use your imagination, expand your horizons, and branch out to come up with a truly unique Halloween costume. You can choose from Primrose’s cat, the tracker jacker, and the all important mockingjay.

The Author:

Last, but not least, is one final idea from the Hunger Games before I discuss characters from the other books briefly. Suzanne Collins, author, would be quite a unique costume, don’t you think? A wonderful addition to a group costume or pairing with Katniss.

Costumes from Catching Fire:

Why limit yourself to the movie when you know that is what everyone else will be wearing? Consider pulling from the next book, Catching Fire, to stay ahead of the masses. Choose from Finnick (the heartthrob), Plutarch Heavensbee (the gamesmaker), President Snow, or Johanna Mason, among others. There were definitely some interesting victors from the various districts to play for Halloween.

More Ideas:
Want to see what some other people did for their Hunger Games costume? Check out the Hunger Games costume contest winners from last year. And for more inspiration, look to this slideshow of the movie transformations.

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