Girl on Fire Costume

You too can dazzle your friends this October by wearing the Katniss Everdeen Girl on Fire Costume from the opening ceremony of the Hunger Games. It was her first chance to make an impression on potential donors and establish herself with the other tributes as a strong competitor. So it was crucial that she make a good impression. And Cinna did not disappoint with his magical, fiery costume.

The first challenge is to recreate Cinna’s fantastic outfit. I personally like this Girl on Fire dress. I don’t think it would be too hard for you to make. Here is another fan’s interpretation of Katniss’ dress:

If you fancy yourself a designer and competent seamstress, or know one, then you will find plenty of inspiration for a unique girl on fire costume from among these Katniss Everdeen dress ideas from designers.

If you aren’t creative and are planning early enough, you can probably find someone on Etsy who is willing to make the outfit for you. Here is one that you could buy. Or to save some money, find a dress that looks like it fits the girl on fire theme. Here is a collection of dresses put together by a Hunger Games fan that you might consider buying.

Since there aren’t commercial costumes here, getting the dress together could be a bit of a challenge. But once you’ve got that together, you’ve still got some choices to make about your hair, makeup and nails.

We’ll start with the hair. Here are two videos with tips on how to recreate the Katniss’ updo from the Hunger Games.

Here’s how to recreate Katniss’ Girl on Fire makeup. Your goal will be to have soft, smoky eyes combined with lucious red lips. You can learn how to do them in this video:

Wow. The red glitter arm tattoos in that video were fantastic. If you want your face to shimmer and sparkle in true Capital fashion, as well as want to be amused by two young ladies for ten minutes, watch this video:

One last video with another interpretation of Katniss’ makeup from the Hunger Games.

But wait. Neither makeup artist took the time to show how to do the Katniss Fire Nails. So here is how to do the fantastic flame nail art that was all the rage in the Capital.

Now you too can have the Hunger Games nails that Katniss wore with her Girl on Fire costume. Here’s a slightly different interpretation of her nail art with a mockingjay.

So cool! One last video to help you do the flame marble tips on your nails.

And that is how you can create Katniss’ fire nails from the Hunger Games.

I hope this page helped you learn how to make the Girl on Fire costume from the Hunger Games. I look forward to seeing a lot of Katniss Everdeen’s this Halloween!

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