Coldblood Costume

Start building the best costume from the Iron Man III movie: the Coldblood Costume.

Coldblood is a cyborg born as Eric Savin. Eric participated in Project Ultra-Tech, a government program where surgeons gave him superhuman strength, speed and stamina by reinforcing his skeleton with plasti-steel and replacing his brain with a computer. They replaced the right side of his face with a cybernetic implant and gave him artificial limbs as well. With his computer brain, he can interface with any computer system via the internet.

Coldblood has a few accessories that help him in conflict. He wears body armor and has a .357 automatic in his artifical left hand. His left wrist also contains a remote control to his car.

Although Coldblood played a minor role in the comic book, he is set to be a major villain in Iron Man 3. He will be played by James Badge Dale and may be wearing the Iron Patriot Costume in the movie. Photos of the costume for the movie are already out (see here).

I can’t wait to see what the Coldblood Costumes for the public from the manufacturers look like.

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