Ladybug Accessories

One of the reasons that the ladybug is a great costume is that you don’t need to go overboard with accessories to make it awesome. Add a few subtle details to differentiate yourself from every other ladybug out there and call it a day. There’s certainly no need to paint your whole face red and black (unless you want to do so, of course)!

Wings and Antenna – The wings and antenna are clearly the most important ladybug costume accessories. However, since they are almost universally included in ladybug costumes at stores, we’re not going to spend much time focusing on them here. Needless to say, make sure your lady bug costume includes them and that you grab them when you run out of your house on Halloween.

Ladybug Stockings – Often included with the ladybug costume, but occasionally requiring separate purchase, is red and black hosiery to match your costume. If you check out a photo gallery of adult ladybug costumes, nearly everyone has them. If your costume doesn’t come with them, make sure you order them separately or plan accordingly. Choose from the available tights or leg warmers.

Ladybug nails – It is the little extras that often make or break a costume. We think that painting your fingernails or toenails to complement your costume is an easy and inexpensive way to stand out from any other lady bugs on Halloween. Many Halloween stores online carry a ladybug fingernail kit containing ten press on nails in a ladybug pattern. If you would like to do your own lady bug nails, there are a number of tutorial videos on Youtube such as this one:

Or you can simply purchase lady bug nails for a low price.

Ladybug shoes – Either red or black heels or shoes work well with ladybug costumes, but there are at least three different pairs of ladybug shoes sold online by Halloween costume shops if you want to go the extra mile for that special occasion. Just click on an image below to see your favorite lady bug shoes.

Ladybug wig – We’ve never actually caught anyone wearing a ladybug wig but we think this would be an excellent addition to any ladybug halloween costume. There’s a couple reasons that we believe that is the case. First, we’ve seen photographs of girls and women with red hair who look especially radiant when wearing a lady bug costume. Perhaps it just complements the costume really well. Second, we have seen photos of someone who wore a yellow and black bee wig as part of a rather bland bee costume and it looked amazing. We think this wig could be the missing ingredient that takes your ladybug outfit from one of the rest to best in show! We’ve tracked down a photo for you – simply click on the image for more information and the current price.

If you are going to wear a wig as part of your halloween costume, you have two options: the red and black ladybug wig or an ordinary red hair wig. With either option, we recommend that you purchase a wig cap – it allows the wig to sit better and keeps all your natural hair in place under the wig.

Temporary ladybug tattoo – There are kits online if you like the look. We’ve also seen people do ladybugs on their face using makeup. Here is a tutorial on Youtube that we think is appropriate:

Black choker necklace – We’ve seen this look on a few bugs and it works well. While we wouldn’t run out and buy one, if you have a black choker you like you should consider wearing it.

Flower – Since ladybugs are often found around flowers, adding one to your Halloween costume would be appropriate if you so choose.

Ladybug makeup – An often overlooked part of any ladybug costume is the ladybug makeup. As you can see from these photos, there are a number of options to add to use your face as part of your transformation into this halloween costume.

There are also tutorials for ladybug makeup on Youtube. Here is one of our favorites:

Other – We just wanted to leave this section with a friendly hint that you don’t need to limit your shopping to Halloween stores when looking for ladybug accessories. We saw a photo of a super cute ladybug umbrella and think it would make an awesome addition to any ladybug costume. So stretch your imagination and have fun searching boutiques for cute ladybug items such as it.

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