Newer Adult Ladybug Costumes

Here are some of the newer adult ladybug costumes. I believe these costumes were introduced by costume manufacturers after Halloween 2009. My favorite two new costumes:

Aren’t these two costumes great? The costume pictured on the left looks stylish enough for any bar or club. And the costume on the right lights up when you flick a switch. Now that costume will be the talk of the town as you walk around after dark on Halloween.

Sexy Lady Bug Costumes

Here are a few new hot and revealing halloween costume options if you want to tear up the club this October.

If you want to show a little skin at your party at the end of October, these are the outfits to do it in!

Love Bug Costumes

We’re not sure if these lovely ladybug costumes have been around a while or if they just came on our radar screen but there are several cute love bug halloween costumes out there this year. If you are looking for love this Halloween, you might as well let everyone know that you are ready to find your sweetheart in one of these cute costumes.

Unique Ladybug Halloween Costumes

We thought that we would finish off this costume update with a couple that are a bit different but still pretty cool. So here are two adult women’s lady bug costumes that don’t fit the traditional mold. If you are looking for something unique and interesting to attract attention, perhaps one of these bug costumes will match your style!

You’ve reached the end of our update! If there is a costume that you are interested learning more about – seeing more pictures, finding out the costume details, and getting the price of the costume – then just click on the image to be taken to the appropriate page! Thanks for looking.

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