DIY Ariel Costume Tutorials

If you feel the siren call of the sea this fall, these do it yourself tutorials will help you make your own Ariel costume. As a Disney Princess, there are obviously a number of costumes that you can buy to become the star of the Little Mermaid. But if you are handy and want to experience the joy of building your own costume and basking in the compliments on Halloween, then the following two videos will help put you on your way.

The Sorry Girls from YouTube put together a costume for Ariel and showed fans how to do it. The tutorial starts with a lesson on how to paint the sea shells and attach them to your top. It then provides instructions on how to create a mermaid-style skirt, including how to measure yourself so that it fits properly. It looks fantastic!

If you need more information about how to transform yourself into the Little Mermaid, then watch this video from Meredith. She does a complete tutorial including the construction of the mermaid dress, her makeup and wig.

We hope you enjoyed these two videos on how to make your own Ariel costume. If you decide to buy one or run out of time, check out our Princess Ariel costumes.

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