Ursula Makeup Tutorials

If you have decided to play Ursula the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid this Halloween, you will need to use makeup to complete your transformation from your human form. We’ve curated three videos from YouTube that show how the makeup artists recreated the Disney look or came up with their own Ursula-inspired interpretation.

The first makeup tutorial was created by Brittany, who transformed herself into a pretty fearsome sea witch.

The second look by Angie, “goldiestarling” on YouTube, is a bit cleaner and looks like it could be straight out of a children’s movie.

The final video we have selected is from Charisma Star. This is one of her two Ursula tutorials. The final outcome is a bit lighter than the results above but still pops in a fashion that will match your outfit for Ursula well. She has also created an instructional video for the makeup of Ariel that was published on the Disney Style channel on YouTube.

We hope you found these three videos helpful in creating the proper look for your Ursula costume. If you don’t have the outfit to go with your new sea witch face yet, be sure to check out our Little Mermaid costumes.

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