Halloween Costumes from your Favorite Television Shows

We have your favorite Halloween costumes from your favorite television shows.  This section is dedicated to bringing you great individual, couples and group costumes from your favorite modern and classic shows.  I’ve worked hard to gather an excellent selection of costume ideas based on the characters that you have seen on TV.  From animated cartoons to modern dramas, I’ll help you find the right costume for your Halloween party.

We have Halloween costumes for many of the characters that we enjoyed on television shows growing up. If your costume involves a character that you saw on a television show, you will find their costume in our selection of television costumes:

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Hit Shows in 2011
Based on the pre-Fall media buys and hype surrounded by three television shows, the majority of costumes in 2011 from show characters would come from Charlie’s Angels, The Playboy Club and Pan Am.  I expected that the least popular of the three would probably be the Charlie’s Angel costumes.  There aren’t a lot of good costumes to buy for them, making it a great option if you have two other friends and the group of you are creative enough to make your own costumes.  Pan Am costumes ended up being decently popular.  Retro television shows are in and their flight attendant costumes were hot.  So there are a few different kinds of flight attendant costumes for you to emulate the cast of Pan Am.  But, the ultimate sexy costume for adult women was snubbed. The Playboy Club was cancelled and the Halloween success due the playboy bunny costume in October never happened.

Classic Costumes
One of the great aspects to wearing a costume based on the characters from a television show is that you can relive the memories watching the shows of your childhood and here the stories of how your current friends loved that show, too, when they were growing up.  It is a lot of fun to swap stories about who had the lunch box of their favorite character.  And do you remember that episode?  Made me laugh nonstop.

Anyway, that’s why you will find that we have included several shows that are now off the air.  Just because you don’t see them each week doesn’t make them a bad costume.  In fact, we think that a little separation provides the best costumes.  And, as so many of the classics are getting redone into movies or seen additional episodes aired, we’ve decided that keeping old television shows on here is definitely worthwhile.  The Charlie’s Angels is a perfect example!

So don’t feel obligated to follow the crowd and bounce like a bunny if you don’t want.  A costume from a classic television show can be a much bigger hit because of its uniqueness.

2010 Hits
When you are picking a Halloween costume based on a television show, it is always a good thing to take a look at what the hot costume ideas were from last year so as not to be uncool and accidentally where a costume a year after all of your cool friends wore the costume.  Last year’s hit television costumes were from the Jersey Shore.  So don’t go to the Shore this October.  It’s way too cold for a trip to the beach on October 31st, anyway!

The journey doesn’t have to end here.

This section was conceived one night when I was thinking about large categories of popular costumes.  Every year, there’s a hot new television show that people want to dress up like.  Last year’s phenomenon was Jersey Shore.  And then it hit me.  I should put up a website with costumes related to the television show characters.  From animated cartoons to contemporary dramas, I’ve located adult and children’s costumes for you to wear.  And we have made a number of group costume suggestions.  Couples costume ideas, too.

So we hope you enjoy our website that explores the intersection between television shows and Halloween costumes.  We think it is pretty neat and loaded with lots of great information for someone searching for a costume.  Thanks for visiting!  Let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.

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