Brady Bunch Costumes

Make your friends into family this Halloween by organizing Brady Bunch costumes for everyone.  Or if you are looking to throw a retro or Hippie party this season, then the Brady Bunch is great inspiration and many costumes are readily available.

Adult costumes from the Brady Bunch series are popular and available for Mike, Carol, Cindy, Marcia, Greg, Bobby, Peter, and Jan Brady, as well as Alice the housekeeper.  If you remember seeing the series on TV as it aired, then many of us may need long and luxurious hair in order to portray a woman cast member, or one of the guys with an afro!  A great wig is important to pull off the look, plus a few decorative knick knacks such as a string of love beads!

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About the Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was formulated by Sherwood Schwartz for TV and its stars were Florence Henderson, Robert Reed and Ann B. Davis.  It aired from 1969 until March of 1974, on ABC.  Since then, it’s been syndicated around the world.  There are thousands of devoted fans of this show and because so many people loved the Hippies decade as well, it’s nostalgic for many.

The premise is that a widowed architect with three sons marries a woman with three daughters.  The episodes followed the large blended family around for the good times and bad.  There was no explanation as to why Carol was left with her three daughters because at that time, the network did not want a divorcee as a main character.  Mike Brady designed their home and the whole Brady Bunch and Alice, plus Tiger the dog, lived there.  It is theorized by the setting that all lived in this Southern California house, although that was never called out as such.

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