Cheerleader Costumes

There are a couple reasons to buy and wear one of our cheerleader costumes for Halloween.  All of them are good choices.  If you are athletic and fit, then you will look great in a sexy cheerleader uniform.  If you want an excuse to chant at the top of your lungs for an evening and relive your high school or college cheerleading days, then one of these schoolgirl costumes will work well.  And if your boyfriend wants to go in a sports outfit and you want to match him, cheerleader costumes make the perfect finish to the couples costume.

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Whether you want to relive your high school cheerleading days, or you want to show the guys in your life that you have the skills to be a sexy cheerleader, a cheerleader costume can create plenty to cheer over at a Halloween Party.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for Cheerleader Costumes

If you are looking for a group costume for women, then consider being a cheerleading squad. If they don’t mind, you can even through a few male cheerleaders into the group. If you don’t all want to be cheerleaders, then you can go more generally with a sports theme and have everyone dress as their favorite sports athletes.

If you want a couples costume centered around cheerleading, then consider dressing your man as a quarterback or another sports star. If your man is older than you, he might be more interested in being a naughty professor than a high school sports star.

Cheerleader Accessories

Don’t forget the ribbons for your hair, the paint for your face (to put the logo of your school), the pom poms for your hands, and the microphone for your cheers.

But you don’t have to buy all your accessories. Scour the internet for a few good cheerleading cheers. And don’t forget to memorize a few snappy comebacks if you run across some guys that think cheerleaders are easy or insist that cheerleading isn’t a real sport. We’ll compile a list eventually, but for right now you’ll have to search for “cheerleader quotes” or “cheerleader cheers” on the internet.

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