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We’ve got a couple costumes for you if you want to show the boys that you like to ride a horse this Halloween.  Whether you want to race around in the track in a Horse Racing Jockey Costume or set yourself apart as a distinguished athlete that leaps gates in an equestrian costume, we can help you find your halloween costume with a horse-theme.

If your jockey costume does not come with a riding crop, you can purchase one here.
You’ll also want to ensure that you have a nice pair of jockey boots for your ride.

Couples Costumes
If you are looking to pair one of these costumes with a male costume, we recommend that your boy friend go as a horse.  If you decide to do this, we like this horse costume and this jockey costume.  If you need a female costume to complement your jockey costume, then we think that she should go as a Kentucky Derby attendee with an elegant, fancy hat.

2 thoughts on “Horse

  1. Meagan Hoffman says:

    Hi Im needing a durby cusotme the second week of september I was wondering what the sizes and prices are of yours and if i would be able to get it in time…

    • Mr. Funtober says:

      Probably best to order it from another costume store at this point. I expect to have my costume store up the first week of September but don’t want to leave you trying to track down a costume from another source at the last minute.

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