Pumpkin Wine Making

How to Homebrew Pumpkin Wine

I took a look on the internet to see what recipes and suggestions there were for pumpkin wine. I’m considering putting together some in October 2012 to drink in October 2013. So here is what I found:

Pumpkin Wine Recipe from Washington Winemaker

Leo Zanelli (home winemaking author of Home Winemaking From A to Z and this pumpkin wine recipe.

Try adding raisins – suggested here and here.

Or brown sugar – suggested here.

For a Spiced Pumpkin Wine.

Other Recipes.
Tips on How to Make Pumpkin Wine

Here are a few stories from people who have made pumpkin wine before:

Try different levels of sugar.
Be prepared for it to smell HORRIBLE at first.
Thinning a Pumpkin Wine.
Sometimes it just turns out a disaster.

If you are still looking for help, here are two more discussion threads:

If you are making a pumpkin wine at home, please let us know what recipe you used, any special tips you followed and how it turned out! We will let you know of our own efforts to make a pumpkin wine when we undertake them.

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