Doc Wilkes House of Horrors - Longview, TX

Doc Wilkes is open every Friday and Saturday nights in October.  Tickets are available online and in person.  Legend has it that Wilkes opened his own personal practice hospital there “Doc Wilkes”, and it is only seen by the people HE wants it to be seen by, “the victims.” Over the years Wilkes used his “white noise” theory to perform hundreds of operations and radical experiments on victims in the abandoned building, and it is said that he buried the bodies in the center graveyard, and the victims walk the halls of the building still trying to find their way out. Who will be Doc’s next victim? He’s always looking for fresh meat.  There really is a Doc Wilkes who is a famous magician and fast gun artist.  He performed quick draw tricks at Six Flags for years.  He started a haunted house some 30 years ago and moved to Longview and open Doc Wilkes 17 years ago.

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