PSL Season is Almost Here!

PSL lovers, mark your calendars! It is OFFICIAL! Our favorite fall coffee beverage is making its 2018 debut early this year, so run (don’t walk) to your nearest Starbucks store on August 28th and let’s get fall started right!

PSL’s 15th year is also one of its earliest yet (most years, it comes out over Labor Day weekend, although 2014 it also came out pretty early). If it’s still 80+ degrees where you are, try it iced (delish) or blended, and let the flavors help that transition from summer to fall go a little smoother. There will be plenty of time for hot PSLs later!

Who dished on the release date? Business Insider was the first to announce it (their source is unknown), but there have been clues and hints all over the place. The subreddit for Starbucks had a warning added to baristas about revealing internal secrets before the announcement, but yesterday, half a dozen posts revealed signage in stores, bottles of syrup in supply closets, and even a screenshot of the big reveal on Facebook!

If you want the convenience of having PSL flavors anytime (or just can’t wait until next week!), pick up some Pumpkin Spice cookie straws (Amazon has an amazing bulk price for 120!) and use them in homebrewed coffee, straight out of the box, or however else you can come up with to enjoy them!  Make yourself a PSL anytime with the KCups set, which come with sweetener packets to make it perfect every time! You can also grab some pumpkin spice flavored Starbucks coffee, if you don’t have a Keurig. If you’re on the run but not passing a store, grab Starbucks Via Instant in PSL.

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