Apple Recipes

One of my fondest childhood memories growing up is my family’s weekend day trips to the apple orchard, where we picked a bushel of apples and then consumed cider and donuts. Every year, thousands will make a similar trip to their local apple orchard in September and October to pick the fruit that keeps the doctor away.

How should you consume your apple a day? There must be thousands of apple recipes across the internet. Everywhere I turned there was a new recipe for a delicious dessert utilizing apples. So I know that you won’t have any trouble finding a recipe to use up your bushel. But here are a few places to start:

The Food Network has a ton of apple recipes. In fact, there’s so many that they put together a fall fest featuring 31 days of apple recipes. If you are looking for an apple pie, turnover, or fritter recipe, you can find one at the Food Network. pie

Prefer to enjoy the health benefits of apples without the addition of an unhealthy amount of calories and fat? Then explore the recipes at Eating Well and Cooking Light.

If you think that everything tasted better when your grandmother was cooking, but she didn’t hand down a large enough collection of apple recipes, use these old fashioned apple recipes that were published in 1914.

You know who else probably knows something about cooking with apples? The people who grow them. Here is the collection of apple recipes from NY Apple Country. Unfortunately, there’s no pictures or reviews.

Other places to go for cooking with apples include Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Bon Appetite and Smitten Kitchen. Sunset, Family Fun and Southern Living will keep you busy cooking as well. Finish off your meal with one of the irresistible apple dessert recipes from Midwest Living.

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