Gluten Free Pumpkin Recipes

Delicious pumpkin breads, soups and desserts await those on a gluten free diet in October.

In My Favorite Autumn Recipes, the Gluten Free Goddess has posted her favorite recipes for fall – and seventeen feature pumpkin as the primary ingredient. Her recipes include six pumpkin bread and muffin recipes, two soups and seven different desserts. Send me a piece of the gluten free pumpkin pie if you make one – it looks delicious!

Elena’s Pantry has a number of gluten free pumpkin recipes, including this popular paleo pumpkin bread and a collection of pumpkin pie ice cream recipes for dessert.

Among the recipes at This Mama Cooks! are a Pumpkin and Bean Chili and a Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Pudding.

If you haven’t found enough gluten free recipes already, Gluten Free Works put together a collection of pumpkin recipes from 2011.

pumpkin cheesecake

Who needs gluten anyway?

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