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Fall offers some fabulous vacation deals for those who can escape from their life for some fall travel.

Cruises – October is a great time to take a repositioning cruise or a cheap cruise in the Caribbean. Prices for Florida, Caribbean and Mexico vacations in general can be discounted up to 60% in the fall due to lesser demand and fears of hurricane. Booking a cruise is a great compromise because its mobility is less likely to put you in the path of a hurricane.  Learn more about cruises during hurricane season.
Amusement Parks
– You’ll find great deals and minimal waiting at amusement parks during the fall. Summer is the busy season, but you’ll still find many open into the fall. Be sure to check on their schedule before planning your vacation, as some northern theme parks, like Cedar Point, will only open in October on weekends. You’ll have no such problems at Walt Disney however.

The Transept, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park
National Parks – Fall is also a great time to enjoy our national parks at their most serene. Enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as more reasonable temperatures, at the Grand Canyon and other national treasures.

View of the Valley of Munster
Europe – If the dollar is still strong against the euro, fall makes an excellent time to plan to go to Europe. Enjoy the grape harvest in France’s wine country or take in the cultural treasures amidst beautiful weather in Italy. Deals for hotels at half of their summer rates can be found. And airlines will discount flights in order to fill seats. Be careful though, fall can also usher in rain and chilly weather in some parts of Europe.

sweet escape
Beach Vacation – Check the weather and take advantage of a last minute deal to the beach in the United States that is having unexpectedly warm October weather. Or grab a package deal to a warmer climate that is suffering from lower than expected fall bookings. Beautiful weather and smaller crowds make this the time to head to Hawaii, which has no real off-peak season. You don’t have to retire your bikini for the year yet!

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 29
Australia – Our fall is Australia’s spring, making October a great time to enjoy the luxury hotels and beaches of Sydney. Just watch for cheap flights to the land down under!

Vacation Home Rental – You’ll often find a week vacation rental available at a twenty to fifty percent discount over the rate during the summer as demand for them is lower in the fall. Take advantage of these lower rates at the vacation hotspot of your choice.

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