October Honeymoons

Congratulations on your engagement!  If you are thinking about an october honeymoon, you are in luck.  We’ve looked at a number of great fall honeymoon spots and concluded that these nine romantic vacations will kick your nuptials off to the right start.

Procida: Corricella
Italy – Italy makes a great October honeymoon because the weather is still warm but the crowds have subsided.  Set the stage for a life of romance among the art and monuments of Rome.  Enjoy the architecture and beautiful beaches of Sicily.  Ride a gondola in Venice.  Take in the Italian Renaissance in Florence and Tuscany.  And eat world class cuisine wherever you go.

Mahe, Seychelles from the air
Indian Ocean Islands – Consider Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives for a romantic island getaway with breathtaking scenery and luxuious resorts.  Beautiful beaches, privacy, and romance await during your honeymoon to paradise.

Castlepoint, Wairarapa, New Zealand
Australia/New Zealand – Pampered relaxation, miles of coastline, breathtaking landscapes and unoccupied space for adventure offer the key ingredients to any honeymoon.

Autumn in New Hampshire
New England – Fall foliage, bed and breakfasts, and Boston, Vermont or Nova Scotia offer lighter travel itineraries for East Coast honeymooners.

Vineyards at Napa
Napa Valley – Cozy bed and breakfasts, picturesque scenery and world class wine tasting await for those wishing to do a honeymoon in Napa Valley.

Caribbean Sunset, Aruba
Caribbean – Try Aruba, Bonair or Curacao, often called the ABC islands.  Beautiful beaches, spectacular diving and nightlife await those who are interested in honeymooning.  They are off the coast of Venezuela, which makes them a better Caribbean honeymoon destination for October because they are below the hurricane belt.

A stop on an atoll
Belize – CNN called it one of the most up and coming honeymoon destinations in 2007.  Beautiful beaches, wonderful waterfalls, Mayan ruins and the jungle of Central America will be the highlights of your Belize honeymoon.

Africa – October weather makes it a perfect time to visit Africa, although the recent events would take Egypt, our top destination, off the list.  Consider a magnificent African safari instead.

Tahiti Beach - Huahine - Tahiti Pictures
Pacific Ocean Islands – Hawaii and Tahiti are two classic beach honeymoon vacation spots that would be conspicuous if left absent from this list.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

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