The Funtober Costume Store Will Be Unavailable Until January 2nd


I woke up this morning to discover that the file system on the Funtober server was corrupted. If I had implemented a proper daily backup system of the entire server, I would simply reinstall yesterday’s server backup. But I’ve only been backing up the website files and database rather than the entire server. So I will be spending the upcoming holiday reconfiguring the server here.

It’s a temporary setback, but I’m hoping that it will alleviate the recurring problem that caused the corrupt file system in the first place. In that case, any other solution would just be a temporary fix. And I expect that you will be celebrating the New Year rather than shopping for costumes, anyway. If you are here looking for a costume, I’m sorry! I should have it fixed and running by January 2, 2013.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays and I look forward to helping you find costumes and fall fun in 2013!

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