Aurora Costumes - Adult & Kids Sleeping Beauty Princess Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

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Let your daughter play Disney Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty this Halloween. Or prove to her that dreams do come true with your own Sleeping Beauty costume.


Aurora Costumes - Adult & Kids Sleeping Beauty Princess Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

Disguise Aurora Classic Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Costume


Adult Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Disney Deluxe Sassy Aurora Costume (Disguise)


Aurora Costumes - Adult & Kids Sleeping Beauty Princess Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

DreamHigh Sleeping Beauty Princess Party Girls Costume Dress 3-10 Years


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Group Costume Ideas
The Sleeping Beauty story presents two opportunities for costume pairings with Princess Aurora. If you have a female friend that doesn’t mind putting a curse on you, then she can play the evil fairy Maleficent. And if you have a boyfriend that doesn’t mind planting a kiss on you while you are sleeping, then he can play the role of Prince Phillip, Aurora’s true love.
About Sleeping Beauty
Princess Aurora is the lead character in Disney’s 1959 version of Sleeping Beauty. She is cursed by Maleficent at birth, destined to prick her finger on a spindle on her sixteenth birthday and die. But a good fairy intervenes, changing the outcome of the spindle prick to a deep sleep that may only be broken by a kiss from her true love. She is raised in a secluded cottage by the good fairies as Briar Rose in order to protect her from further harm until her sixteenth birthday. As her birthday approaches, she is told her true status and taken back to her family. But the spell is too strong, and Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a deep slumber, until her Prince kisses her and breaks the spell.

Step into a dreamlike fairytale with our beautiful range of Aurora costumes from Disney's Sleeping Beauty! Aurora, known for her grace, kindness, and melodic voice, has enchanted audiences for generations. Our Aurora costumes capture her iconic pink and blue gowns, making them perfect for Halloween, cosplay events, or themed parties. With these costumes, you can truly live once upon a dream as Aurora.

Sleeping Beauty tells the tale of Aurora, a princess cursed by the spiteful Maleficent to fall into an eternal sleep on her sixteenth birthday. Despite being raised by three kind fairies in the forest, Aurora's fate comes to pass, but she is awakened by the kiss of Prince Phillip. With enchanting music and classic animation, Sleeping Beauty is a timeless story of love conquering evil.

To enhance your Aurora look, we offer a range of Aurora-themed accessories. These include a long golden wig styled in Aurora's signature curls, a toy version of her woodland animal friends, and a replica of the spinning wheel that plays a pivotal role in the story. These accessories not only complete your Aurora costume but also bring you closer to the magic of her story.

If you're looking for unique couple's or group costume ideas involving Aurora, we have several captivating options. Consider dressing up as Aurora and Prince Phillip to embody their romantic tale. Alternatively, pair up as Aurora and one of her fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather, to showcase their protective bond. For a group costume, consider portraying Aurora, Prince Phillip, Maleficent, and the three fairies to represent the central characters from the film. These Aurora-themed costumes will surely bring a touch of magic to your next costume event!

The tale of Sleeping Beauty is brought to life by a cast of memorable characters. Aurora, with her grace and gentleness, embodies the quintessential fairytale princess. Prince Phillip, brave and determined, represents the hero who battles evil for love. Maleficent, with her dark magic and vengeful nature, serves as one of Disney's most iconic villains. The three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, add charm and warmth to the story with their caring and bumbling nature. Each of these characters contributes to the timeless appeal of this beloved fairy tale.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Leg Avenue Women’s Classic Sleeping Beauty Princess Halloween Costume Description:

Disney Women’s Princess Aurora Costume for sale for Halloween. This stunning velvet and satin ball gown is definitely a must have for any princess. Gorgeous tulle skirt overlay features lovely glitter scroll detail. Perfect for princess themed parties and Halloween.

Disguise Aurora Classic Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Costume Description:

Available in Sizes: 3T-4T, Small and Medium. Item Includes: Dress with Character Cameo. Pictured items not included: Pink Flats.

Disney Disguise Women’s Princess Aurora Deluxe Costume Description:

Glitter art on bodice. Includes dress and headband. Officially Licensed Disney Princess Costume.

Disney Deluxe Sassy Aurora Costume (Disguise) Description:

Dress, petticoat, glovettes and crown headband. Adult sizes 4-14. Official Disney licensed product.

DreamHigh Sleeping Beauty Princess Party Girls Costume Dress 3-10 Years Description:

Material: Polyester,cotton,tulle
Fun, Colorful, Inventive designs to put your little in the world of role play
Great for Halloween,special occasions and cosplay costume dress

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