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Find Halloween costumes for Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy to become a part of the 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and the 1940 Disney movie.

Pinocchio is the marionette created by Gepetto. A marionette is a puppet controlled by wires or strings held by the puppeteer. They have a long history of importance in performance, dating as far back as Ancient Egypt and Greece. Pinocchio is best known for two things. He is the puppet that became a real boy. And he is the character who taught children not to lie. When Pinocchio lies, his nose grows and he learns of the problem with lying.

The Blue Fairy is the magical creature that transforms Gepetto’s puppet Pinocchio into a living being and then a boy in Disney’s 1940 movie. She appears initially after Gepetto wishes upon the Wishing Star that Pinocchio could turn from a marionette into a real boy. She also grants Jiminy Cricket the status of Pinocchio’s conscience. Later, she rescues Pinocchio from Stromboli’s cage after he promises never to lie again.

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