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Buy your adult or kids Little Mermaid costume for Halloween through Funtober. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of Disney costumes for men, women, boys and girls. Whether you are looking for an Ariel costume, an Ursula costume, or one of the many other characters, there are plenty of Little Mermaid Halloween costumes to choose from for this October:

Ariel Costumes - Adult & Kids Disney Little Mermaid Princess Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

Disguise Ariel Tween Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Costume


Ariel Costumes - Adult & Kids Disney Little Mermaid Princess Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

Disguise Ariel Classic Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Costume


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The Little Mermaid is the 1989 animated film from Disney based on Hans Christian Andersen's Danish fairy tale. It was the 28th film in the Animated Classics series from Disney and the start to the Disney Renaissance which included popular Disney movies Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the Lion King. Roger Corliss of Time Magazine named it one of the top 25 animated films of all time in 2011.

Princess Ariel costume - A 16 year old mermaid princess curious about human life. She falls in love with Prince Eric, a human, and saves him from drowning in a storm. Ariel then strikes a deal with Ursula to transform her into a human for three days. She gives Ursula her voice in return and will revert to a mermaid in three days, and fall within Ursula's possession, if she does not kiss Prince Eric.

To complete your transformation into the little mermaid, be sure to check out these hair, makeup and nail tutorials as well as some videos on how to make your own costume.

Ursula costume - A sea witch who is part octopus (six black tentacles from the waist down) and part human (a white haired woman with a facial mole above the waist). She plots to become ruler of Atlantica by entrapping King Triton's youngest daughter Ariel and using her as a bargaining chip. But after Ursula takes control, she is defeated by Ariel and her human love interest Prince Eric.

For tips on how to use makeup to create Ursula's face, try these tutorials for Ursula.

Prince Eric costume: Become the hopeless romantic and accomplished mariner of the sailing and fishing people. His typical outfit includes a white, long sleeved collared shirt (sleeves rolled up), blue trousers with a red sash, and black boots whose tops are folded over revealing a lighter blue inner lining. His shirt collar is open to reveal his clavicles.

Sebastian costume: Choose one of our kids lobster costumes to complete your outfit for this crab servant to King Triton.

Dive under the sea with our enchanting range of Ariel costumes from Disney's The Little Mermaid! Ariel, with her fiery red hair, adventurous spirit, and enchanting voice, has captivated audiences for generations. Our Ariel costumes encapsulate her memorable mermaid form as well as her stunning human gowns, perfect for Halloween, cosplay events, or themed parties. With these costumes, you can explore the world above and below the sea as Ariel.

The Little Mermaid tells the tale of Ariel, a mermaid princess who yearns to experience the human world. When she saves and falls in love with a human prince, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with Ursula, the sea witch, trading her voice for legs. The story is an enchanting tale of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery, filled with memorable songs and vibrant animation.

To truly embody Ariel's spirit, we offer a range of Ariel-themed accessories. These include a vibrant red wig in Ariel's signature style, a toy version of her trusted dinglehopper (fork), and a plush of her faithful fish friend, Flounder. For those portraying Ariel's human version, we have a replica of the beautiful dress she wears upon gaining her legs. These accessories not only enhance your Ariel costume but also bring you closer to the magic of her story.

If you're searching for unique couple's or group costume ideas involving Ariel, we have several enchanting options. Consider dressing up as Ariel and Prince Eric to capture their romantic tale. Alternatively, pair up as Ariel and her best friend Flounder or the lovable seagull Scuttle for a fun duo. For a group costume, consider portraying Ariel, Eric, Ursula, Flounder, and King Triton to represent the central characters from the film. These Ariel-themed costumes are sure to bring a splash of undersea magic to your next costume event!

The story of The Little Mermaid is brought to life by a lively cast of characters. Ariel, with her curiosity and courage, embodies the spirit of adventure. Prince Eric, brave and kind-hearted, represents the object of Ariel's affections. Ursula, with her cunning and ambition, serves as the story's compelling antagonist. Ariel's underwater friends, including Flounder, Scuttle, and Sebastian, add charm and humor to the tale. Each of these characters contributes to the timeless appeal of this beloved undersea fairy tale.

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Forum Fairy Tales Fashions Prince Charming Costume Description:

Complete with tail coat, sash and pants. Epulates, medal and gold roping give extra zing to this costume from forum. Forum novelties has thousands of hats, shoes, canes, wigs, weapons and more to complete that perfect look.

Octopus Dress, Ursula Cosplay Dress, Plus Size Swimwear, Sea Witch Dress for swimming, evening, or cosplay Description:

This beautiful and wicked octopus dress is for ladies who have seen the other side of life under the sea. The octopus woman, or sea witch, represents the darker beauty of the ocean. *Dress is made from premium quality spandex swim wear, so the bodice has a very comfortable, sleek stretchy fit, and can be […] Alaroo Halloween Shiny Fish Scale Mermaid Leggings for Women Pants S-4XL Description:

Strech material: polyester 88% and spandex 12%. US:S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL for your choice, Please refer to size picture left shown before you place order. Mermaid print scale leggings design, Soft and comfortable fabric, versatile leggings for any occasion.

Disguise Ariel Classic Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Costume Description:

This is an Officially Licensed Product. Includes: Dress With Character Cameo.

Disney Disguise Women’s Ariel Deluxe Adult Costume Description:

Sheer fabrication on bodice. Officially licensed.

Leg Avenue Costumes Disney Undersea Ariel Halter Dress with Iridescent Organza Tail Description:

Leg Avenue Costumes Disney Undersea Ariel Halter Dress with Iridescent Organza Tail for sale for Halloween. Official licensed disney princess collection. Hem of the skirt makes this costume easy to walk in.

Disguise Ariel Tween Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Costume Description:

This is an Officially Licensed Product. Includes: Dress And Headband.

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