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Find Tangled costumes for adults and kids for sale for this Halloween. Great selection, reasonable prices and fast shipping. If you are looking for Rapunzel costumes or Flynn Rider costumes, buy your Halloween costumes here. Options for men, women and kids. See our entire selection of princess costumes for couples and disney costumes for adults.

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Get tangled up this Halloween with one of these Rapunzel costumes from the Disney film Tangled.  Tangled is the 2010 animated Disney film recounting the story of Rapunzel, the baby princess with magical hair who is kidnapped by Mother Gothel. Locked away hidden in a tower, her hair keeps the enchantress young. But Rapunzel longs to explore beyond her tower. When she escapes her confinement, she sees much more than the floating lights that entice her outside her comfortable life in the tower.

Rapunzel – The beautiful girl with long, flowing, magical golden hair spends her life locked away in a tower in the middle of the woods. Visited only by Mother Gothel, she longs to explore beyond her room. When the criminal Flynn Rider climbs her tower, she seizes the opportunity to have him help her discover what happens outside her window. As she does, she discovers her true love and place in the world.

Flynn Rider – The notorious thief who steals the princess tiara from the kingdom and discovers Rapunzel’s tower while fleeing from the palace guards. In exchange for taking Rapunzel to see the floating lanterns that light the night sky above the palace, she will give him back the tiara. But along the way, he discovers something far more valuable: Rapunzel’s love.

Tangled Ever After was the short sequel to Tangled that premiered before Beauty and the Beast in theaters in January 2012. Tangled 2 shows the wedding of Rapunzel and Eugene before the entire kingdom, as well as the actions of Pascal and Maximus to ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

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Tavern Man Costume Description:


LOEL Deluxe Costume Dress Up Girls Princess Halloween Christmas Party Cosplay Outfit Description:

Size 2-3 Years: 24″ chest circumference, 22″ waist circumference, and 31.5″ from shoulder to the end of the skirt.
Size 3-4 Years: 26″ chest circumference, 23″ waist circumference, and 35″ from shoulder to the end of the skirt.
Size 4-5 Years: 28″ chest circumference, 24″ waist circumference, and 39″ from shoulder to the end of the skirt.

Tangled Princess Rapunzel Shimmer Deluxe Costume Description:

Size: Child XS(3T-4T), S(4-6x), M(7-8). Beautiful Lamé fabrication. Long full dress.

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