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Buy a Mulan costume for this Halloween to help your daughter disguise herself as Ping and take her father’s place in the Imperial Army accompanied by her dragon, Mushu. Low prices, fast shipping and a great selection of adult and kids Disney princess costumes. If this Disney movie based on the Chinese legend has swept your hearts, shop our selection of Mulan costumes for this October.

We love the original animated Mulan movie and can’t wait to watch it with our kids for the first time! The new 2020 live action movie is also pretty exciting because it has the potential to be one of the year’s leading movies due to the many motion picture companies delaying film releases into 2021, and we can’t wait to see it in our living room on Disney+.

Disguise has the official license to manufacture Mulan costumes. Disguise is one of the world’s leading costume manufacturers and produces official costumes for dozens of popular movies, TV shows and other characters each year. Disguise is headquartered in San Diego, California and is a division of Jakks Pacific.

Disguise produced the officially licensed Halloween costumes for fans of the first Mulan movie. For kids, there is both a “Sparkle Classic” and a Deluxe Girls costume in addition to the deluxe adult Mulan costume. The costumes feature varying shades of pink in addition to either blue or purple. The Disney Store also carries costume options for a kids Mulan costume which were not made by Disguise.

For the Live Action Movie, Disguise will have a classic and deluxe girls costume in red with sizes of Extra Small (3T-4T), Small (4-6X) and Medium (7-8). They are also making a 21 inch long toy sword. There is also a deluxe red hero adult costume for Mulan fans.

The two Mulan couples costume ideas that we have seen are Li Shang and Mushu, the sidekick dragon. Li Shang is the captain of the Chinese imperial army in the original army, a mentor and eventually Mulan’s love interest. In the sequel, Li Shang is her fiance. The character was dropped from the live action movie however. The imperial regiment will instead by lead by Commander Tung, a character which will instead be based in part on Li Shang.

Mushu was not a part of the original story and the dragon voiced by comedian Eddie Murphy was invented for the 1998 movie. Mushu will reportedly not be back for the 2020 film. In the live action remake, Mulan will instead be watched over by a phoenix.

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Mulan is the story of a Chinese daughter who takes her father's place in the army when they are called to serve against a Mongolian invasion. Against her father's wishes, Mulan pretends to be his son Ping and serves in his place. At first, Mulan is an awful soldier. But she learns and progresses to the point where she is actually part of the army. When the Mongolians charge the Chinese army, it is Mulan who save s them.

Mulan is the eighth official Disney Princess. She demonstrates the importance of never giving up, not being restricted to traditional gender roles, and the importance of family and honor. She is the only official Disney Princess that is not born into royalty or achieved the designation by marrying a prince. She is also the first and only East Asian Disney Princess.

The original Mulan movie was a 1998 animated film by Walt Disney Pictures that was Disney's 36th animated feature.

There was also a direct-to-video animated sequel in 2004. Mulan II: The Epic Journey Continues featured Mulan and her fiance escorting the three daughters of the Emperer across the country to meet the men to whom they would marry via arranged marriages.

The latest movie is a remake of the original and will be released in 2020. Screen Rant has called it "Disney's Most Important Remake". Hua Mulan is played by Liu Yifei in the live action remake. She is a 32 year old actress that lives in Beijing and goes by the name Crystal Liu. She is known as Fairy Sister in the industry. She leads the all-Asian cast and the film was partly filmed in China.

Disney is spending $200 million on the movie and the film was originally scheduled for release on March 27th. They originally rescheduled the release of the movie for July 24, 2020, one week after Warner Bros. planned to release Tenet. The Disney Movie was originally tracking for an $80-$90 million opening weekend in March before it was postponed, with an expected domestic box office total of around $250 million. With movie theaters just starting to plan to reopen, there has been speculation that Disney may move the opening date to August or September to give it a better chance of making money off the big budget production.

The story is told this time by acclaimed filmmaker Niki Caro. She is a New Zealand film director who was selected for Critics' Week at Cannes Film Festival for her short film Memory and Desire, and then received international acclaim at film festivals for her second film, Whale Rider. Mulan is the seventh film that she has directed. She is the second New Zealand director to be selected by Disney, after Taiki Waititi in Thor: Ragnarok.

We have a number of different Mulan costume ideas for you. Whether you are looking for an adult or kids Mulan costume, we can help you find it. There are plenty of different costume options for both women and girls.

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Disney Women’s Mulan Deluxe Adult Costume Description:

Glitter detail on skirt and scarf!. Product Includes: Dress, detachable belt and shawl. Officially Licensed.

Disney Store Princess Mulan Halloween Costume Kimono Dress Size XS 4 Description:

Disney Store Princess Mulan Halloween Costume Kimono Dress Size XS 4 for sale for Halloween. Authentic and exclusive Disney Store costume with reliable quality and durability
Bodice features cross-panel gold sequins and Mulan cameo with flowing half-sleeves with print on hem and teal organza collar
Gold ribbon bow appliqué on waist panel featuring gold trim

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