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Rapunzel is the star of Disney’s 2010 animated film Tangled. Her marriage to love interest Eugene, better known as the criminal Flynn Rider, and later the Prince of Consort, was shown to audiences in the animated film short Tangled Ever After, appearing before Beauty and the Beast 3D in theaters.

Through most of Tangled, Rapunzel wears a long purple dress with even longer golden blonde hair. Equip yourself with a frying pan for fighting off criminals to complete the look! If you have brunette hair, you may want to instead sport the short hairdo that she has at the end of the movie.

Disney Princesses: Another option is to pair your Rapunzel costume with another Disney princess costume. Princess Aurora is most similar as she has blonde hair, was born into royalty, but grew up away from her parents only to be reunited in her teens. Cinderella, Snow White, Belle or Merida would also make good options to pair with Rapunzel. In order to become an official Disney princess, the Disney Princess wikia explains, she must “A) have a primary role in a Disney animated feature film, B) be human or closely human-like (i.e. Ariel), and C) not appear primarily in a sequel.” Princess Rapunzel is the tenth Disney Princess.