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Get a bunny costume for Halloween or Easter.  Although consumers buy the majority of our items as Halloween costumes, we ship year round so feel free to order whenever you find yourself attending a costume party.  So put your favorite bunny costume in the shopping cart today.

Ladies bunny costumes were first worn by the girls of Playboy at the original Playboy Club in Chicago in 1960, a few years after the publication of the first Playboy magazine. As they debated the appropriate ladies costume to compete against the Gaslight Girls, who had their own adult costume, Ilse Taurins suggested that the women of the Playboy Club dress like a bunny for their sexy costume. A few days later, she modelled the first tuxedo bunny costume. This classic icon of sex appeal makes for a great Halloween costume if you have the bravery and body to pull it off. Repel advancers with your sharp wit and wiggle your tail at anyone that you want to talk to more!