Corn Maze Directory is Up!

Latest reports are that half of the nation’s corn crop has been planted in the Midwest.  That’s up from an average of 27% at this point in the prior five years.

As the nation’s corn farmers have been busy planting seeds for the future, I have been busy working on the Funtober corn maze directory.  I’ve found corn mazes in 49 out of the 50 states.  If anyone is aware of a corn maze in Alaska, please let me know.

I have discovered a few corn mazes that I haven’t added to the directory yet.  I’ll be gathering the information necessary to put them up over the next few days.  And as always, if you are a farmer that runs a corn maze and don’t see your farm listed, drop a comment on the appropriate directory page and I’ll be happy to post your information.

Corn and Corn

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