Candy Land Costumes

Wear a Candy Land costume this Halloween and celebrate the first game that you played as a child.

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There are three different Candy Land costumes.  There is a sexy candy land costume for adult women that includes crazy cool candy cane striped knee high stockings and a cherry hat.  It’s a beautiful costume.  Grab a lollipop to really make your costume stand out!  The men’s candyland costume looks a bit like a combination of a mardi gras costume and a king’s costume.  The Candy Land banner means that everyone will recognize your game costume immediately.  And pair it with the ladies costume for a fun couples costume.  If you have a young daughter that loves to play Candy Land, you can dress her in the girls version of the halloween costume and show everyone how your family plays board games together.

About Candy Land

Candy Land was created by Eleanor Abbott in 1945 to entertain children suffering from polio.  She herself was recovering from disease at the time she designed it.  In 1949, it was bought and introduced to the world by Milton Bradley.  The first game was sold for a dollar and was a hit.  The Toy Industry Association named it the most popular American toy of the 1940s.  Since its first production, over 40 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide.

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