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Darts costumes are a fun costume for men with imagination.  Everyone loves darts.  Enjoy being the life of the party.  Doesn’t ducking darts sound like fun?  It is when you’re wearing a Dartboard costume?  That’s right men, dress up as a dartboard and let people fling adhesive darts at you.  What could be more fun?  You and your buddies will get a kick out of it and there’s no better way to break the ice that handing someone a dart and saying “give it a go.”

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Maybe you’ll meet a lucky lady looking to score (points that is).  But the ladies don’t have to miss out on the fun.  You can find dartboard costumes too — they’re just a little sleeker and sexier.  Essentially their a sheath mini dress colored to look like a dartboard but they carry the theme quite well.  They even come with six sparkly darts.

Both of these costumes are great for a night out at the pub.   And if you’re already coupled up for Halloween, you can wear the board while your partner dons a sexy Bullseye Baby dart thrower costume to let all the guys know you’re together.

About Darts

Darts, in some form or another, has been around for nearly 150 years.  The sport originated in the pubs of England and quickly spread through the commonwealth and crossed the pond to the United States.

However, the common dartboard that we know today has gone through several variations before settling on the familiar white and black with red and green rings that you’ll see hanging on walls all around the world.

Most likely the game originated when board Englishmen decided to throw pointy things (knives, axes, etc.) at the butts of trees – sawn cross-sections of logs.  From there elaborate scoring systems were invented to test the skills – and the eyes and arms – of talented folks of all ages.

Regional variations on the game have resulted in dozens of different style boards including the London Five’s board, the Mealy Manchester board, and the East End board.

In order to give some continuity and structure to the game, the World Darts Federation was created in 1976.  15 different countries have memberships in the federation and the ruling body presides over all the world championships and actively promotes the sport of darts throughout the world.

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