Bodybuilder Costume

If you have failed to follow through on your New Years Resolution to workout more this year, you can still impress your friends with a bodybuilder costume this Halloween.

Bodybuilding as it is understood today began in the late 19th Century and takes years of training, diet, and supplements or drugs to produce the impressive, massive muscle man physique.  But you can forgo these years of training and have the required body with just one click of your mouse this October.

There are two body building costumes in general.  One of them is an inflatable suit that creates a large muscular physique.  We think this one is best reserved for children.  But if your goal is a completely ridiculous costume, then we fully support it!  The other is a blown up cover page for muscle & fitness magazine.  If you have ever wanted to be a cover model for a fitness magazine, then this is the Halloween costume for you!

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