Mens Sports Costumes

There are many reasons that a man would choose to wear a sports costume for Halloween.  Maybe you want to give up your position as armchair quarterback for a day.  Or relive your high school sports glory by taking a walk back down memory lane and setting up a good situation for all of your buddies to ask if you played football.  Perhaps you want to show your lady you are still able to compete against the youngsters.  But we’ve saved the best reason for last:

You want to convince a woman in your life to wear one of the female sports costumes since she’ll look so sexy in them.  Yes, that’s right.  The real reason that you should be willing to wear a Halloween costume is so that you can suggest one of the sexy athletic costumes for her to wear.  And with so many fabulous choices, you are sure to be able to pair one of these men’s costumes with hers.

You’ve got options for the well known sports: football, baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer.  As well as other athletic competitions such as boxing, bodybuilding, wrestling or any other sport you can dream up.  Ok, not every sport.  But quite a few of them.

By expressing your willingness to wear one of these sports costumes, you can casually suggest that she wear an awesome counterpart to form a couples costume with you.  So take a look at the men’s and women’s costumes to the right, pick out the pair that you think works best, and tell her about your fabulous idea!

Baseball Costume
Basketball Costume
Bodybuilder Costume
Bowling Costume
Boxer Costumes
Football Player Costume
Golfer Costume
Hockey Costume
Jockey Costume
Male Cheerleader Costume
Matador Costume
Nascar Driver Costume
Referee Costume
Soccer Costume
Wrestling Costumes

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