Golfer Costume

Hit a hole in one this Halloween with a fun and classy golf costume.  Whether you want to create a funny Tiger Woods costume or replicate the look of classic golfers across the ages, grab one of these golf costumes for men.

There are various men’s golfer costumes available, but most combine a pair of old fashion plaid knickers, a tacky sweater vest and a funny hat.  If you are heading somewhere that you can’t take a real golf club, don’t forget to pick up on the many plastic accessories that you can find around.  Or use your wii golf club.  And finally, don’t forget to bring lots of balls with you while you are trick or treating.  You wouldn’t want to run out if you hit a few out into the woods!

This is also a classic college party costume.  If you haven’t been to a golf pros and tennis hoe party yet, you had better take a look at these costume ideas and organize one immediately.

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