Matador Costume

There are a number of solid options for a man who wants to wear a matador costume and wave red in front of a bull at Halloween.

Our suggestion though, for those who are able to pull it off, is to convince a lady to wear a bullfighter costume and then buy a bull costume for yourself to wear.  You get to enjoy seeing her in a sexy outfit.  And you get to charge at her all evening in a fun and playful manner.  Win, win.  But we understand that some people might not be able to pull this off.

And there are few better ways to display your bravery than to stand in front of a one ton bull and watch it charge right at you. So when you wear your bull fighter Halloween costume, stand tall and proud.  You are celebrating a longstanding Spanish and Mexican tradition of bull worship by joining the honored society of matadors.  So here are a few matador costumes to solidify your entrance into the ancient art of bullfighting.

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