Male Cheerleader Costume

Everyone will be wondering what you have up your skirt when you dress for Halloween in a male cheerleader costume.  If your lady wants to dress in a sexy baseball or football outfit, then this would make the perfect complementary costume for a man.  Root on your woman as she lights it up on the field at the Halloween party.

There are two basic men’s cheerleading costumes.  The first is a Spartan Cheerleader outfit that was made famous by the Saturday Night Live skits on NBC’s popular sketch comedy show, SNL.  This is about the safest cheer costume that you can find for a man.

The other cheerleader costume for men that you will see is a funny drag queen costume.  It comes with an inflatable chest, red and white skirt, as well as pom poms.  This is the one that we recommend for anyone that wants to laugh a lot on October 31st.  You can buy it on Amazon.

Of course, there’s another option for the adventurous soul.  Find an appropriately sized women’s cheerleading outfit and wear it!

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