Early Black Friday Deals to Expect in November 2019

When the calendar hits November 1, the early Black Friday deals are going to start fast and furious this year. Whether the pre-Black Friday deals are launched on Friday for the first weekend of November or they wait until Monday, November 4, 2019 for the first full week of November, you know that they are going to be exciting!

The Black Friday sales which were once restricted to after Thanksgiving have moved up on the calendar steadily. With the success of the Amazon sales which run throughout the month of November, other online and store retailers are trying to match and out-do them. Now you can expect pre-Black Friday sales throughout the month at retailers like Walmart, Kohls, Best Buy and more.

Here are a few of the retailers we will be tracking:

Amazon has historically kicked off its Countdown to Black Friday on November 1 with Prime-only deals, Alexa exclusives, Gold Boxes and more. It then ramps up those deals approximately 1-2 weeks ahead of Thansgiving Day when it releases its press release containing the deals on Amazon devices.

Walmart launched 18 Black Friday deals on their website on the day that they issued the press release last year announcing the dates for the Walmart Black Friday sale. Walmart also offered killer price discounts on its “Holiday Specials” sale page. Although it didn’t call the 2,001 discounted products a Black Friday sale, some of these savings were off the charts and equivalent to what you would expect in sales over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Best Buy released their Black Friday ad on November 8 last year and made available hundreds of Black Friday deals available when they did. There were a ton of early Black Friday deals on large 4K TVs and other consumer electronics. Best Buy also offered their Early Access Sale at the beginning of Thanksgiving week to give My Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus Members access to select Black Friday deals.

Early Kohls Black Friday Sale – Kohls launched their Black Friday deals online starting on the Friday before Thanksgiving Day last year in 2018. Kohl’s also offered pre-Black Friday deals, with discounts on a Sony Playstation 4 and a 55 inch 4K Ultra HDTV. Plus, they gave away Kohl’s cash with every qualifying purchase.

Office Depot and JCPenney also gave teaser deals to reward its customers for foregoing the sales later in the month and opting to purchase at the beginning of November.

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