Explore the Science of Fear

I thought that I was a little anxious for Halloween to roll around this year since I’m already eagerly anticipating how visitors will react to Funtober. I think that I’ll be able to make it until September or so before I’m driven completely nuts. But it seems that there are a few people in Taiwan that just couldn’t wait.

The National Taiwan Science Education Center opened an exhibit last week called Institution of Fear: The Science of the Haunted House. The exhibit, which will run until September, takes you through a haunted house in order to show and explain to you the science of fear. First they scare you. Then they explain the science behind it. Then they let you observe others as they are being scared.

It sounds like a fun way to spend a day, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to Taipei this summer to see it. Fortunately, there’s a similar traveling exhibit in the United States at the moment called Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear which was developed by the California Science Center. It’s currently at the Space Center in Houston and will be traveling the country until 2015 according to the schedule.

So here’s a little research to satisfy your curiosity until you get to experience fear yourself, whether at the exhibit, a ghost tour, or an upcoming haunted house.

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