Fall Things To Do As We Countdown To Halloween Day 217

Day 217 Journey To Halloween Fun

Hope you are enjoying our updates, trivia, and news about Halloween, haunted houses, festivals, Oktoberfests, ghost stories and more.  We hope to keep our countdown going right through Oktoberfest and Halloween.

Zombie Apocalypse
Based on their recent popularity, zombies are rapidly coming into the mainstream culture of the 21st century.  The Walking Dead television show and last summers blockbuster movie World War Z are riding the wave of popular interest.  Did you know you can take college courses focused on zombies?  Get your college credit at University of Penn, George Mason, University of Texas Tyler, and even Harvard now have courses on the flesh eating creatures.

Erica A. Phillips with the Wall Street Journal has written several recent articles about this growing phenomenon.  Go to our Funtober Favorite Website page for links to her articles; “Feed Your Brain with Brains: Six Real Zombie College Courses” and “Zombie Courses Gain Ground on College Campuses” .

Erica Philips also wrote about the research done by the real estate brokerage Estately.  They looked at the vulnerability, based on four criteria, of a possible zombie apocalypse.  Fascinating reading so try “Is Your State Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Michigan City Indiana will host their Oktoberfest celebration on October 11-12, 2014.

If you are going to be in Albany, Latham, or Rensselaer New York on October 14th consider taking their Oktoberfest Riverboat cruise for $99.  Celebration consists of wonderful evening boat cruise, German styled dinner, and fantastic entertainment and dancing hosted by Jimmy Sturr (#1 in Polka).

One of the largest Oktoberfests in the world, Kitchener-Waterloo has announced October 10-18 as their dates for 2014.

Also New Britain’s 2014 Oktoberfest will take place on September 12-14, 2014.  Event organizer Nick Augustine has paid last years city expenses of $60,980 for police, fire, and public works costs.  New Britain, Connecticut expects 36,000 visitors to their second year event.

Great Blogs and Websites For Haunted House Reviews
Funtober has some of the best reviews around on haunted houses.  Some we wrote while we also point you to other websites with great content.  Today I want to acquaint you with two of my favorite internet sites.  Kitsuneverse is one and the other one is InSanity Lurks Inside.  Essentially these are two websites run by a husband and wife team.  They produce some wonderful haunted house reviews.  From time to time I will post links to some of their reviews on our Funtober Favorite Websites page.  In the meantime check a review titled Castle Blood’s Love & Death 3 – Valentine’s Day Unlike Any Other .

Disney Sequel Mostly Ghostly 2: How You Met My Ghoulfriend?
Madison Pettis, Bella Thorne, Roshan  Fegan, Calum Worthy, and Ryan Ochoa are all rising stars set to act in this Disney sequel.  The movie crew is now shooting scenes in L.A. and is expected to be released next fall in time for the Halloween season.

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