Pumpkin Wine

For the adventurous wine connoisseur, we invite you to expand your horizons with a pumpkin wine this Fall. Although we don’t ever expect it to surpass the popularity of pumpkin ale, it can create an interesting conversation item when homebrewed or a unique gift for your wine loving friend.  It has a fascinating history.

We speculate that there is one of three reasons you have landed here.

First, and most likely, is that you’ve read our section on pumpkin beers and are now curious about pumpkin wines. You enjoy pumpkin beer but prefer wine and are wondering how it compares.

Our second set of readers are those who found a bottle of pumpkin wine for sale and are wondering whether you should run back to the store and buy it (or maybe you are shopping right now on your smart phone!).

The final set of visitors is that adventurous sort that has been staring at the pumpkin on their front porch or in the store for too long and has started to wonder what to do with the pumpkin. Maybe you are thinking about tabling your designs of carving the fanciest jack-o-lantern out there. Or perhaps you want to put the jack-o-lantern to good use after Halloween. Surprisingly, there are lots of things that you can do with a pumpkin.  Here is how to make pumpkin wine.

We haven’t had the pleasure of trying a pumpkin wine yet, but here is what we can tell you from our research. They generally taste like a chardonnay or spiced wine, depending on the goals of the winemaker. It isn’t so popular that there will be a run at your local store but it would make an interesting conversation item among friends who love wine.

If you reached this page by accident while searching for what wine to pair with a pumpkin dish, we’ve got that covered here.

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