Looking for a Sponsor?

There’s only 107 days until the official start of Funtober – September 15th.  I expect the 3.5 months will go by extremely fast.

Yesterday, as I was thinking about the different ways I want to market this website online, I decided that it would be a good idea to sponsor some of the activities happening in September and October in order to garner some publicity for the site.

Since the Funtober marketing budget is fairly small, I’m looking for opportunities that are relatively inexpensive but would provide online exposure (this is a website after all) in addition to any publicity during the event.  I’m interested primarily in sponsorship of Oktoberfest celebrations, festivals, corn mazes and haunted houses, but I’ll consider other opportunities for events in September and October.

I realize I may be a little late in the process as some events have July deadlines on their sponsorship forms.  So perhaps this is something to look into next year instead.  But if it turns out that you are looking for an event sponsor, reach out to me via my contact page.

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