Got my Office Address and Phone Numbers

Last week, I posted about how easy it was to register a Delaware LLC.  But as I went to order a virtual office setup from my registered agent, I learned that I had not investigated the decision to select my registered agent thoroughly enough.  Despite advertising their mail forwarding and business presence address service in multiple places online, I couldn’t find a link to order it from their client dashboard.  So I called and learned that they no longer offered the service.  She said that there were plenty of places around that offer it.  When I asked for a suggestion, she couldn’t offer a single name.  So annoying.  Update your website!

I was pretty upset when I found out that I had ordered their registered agent service based on the expectation of being able to order a second service later, which they would not provide.  I understand that it can be difficult and costly to maintain an up to date website.  But that’s part of the cost of doing business if you are going to advertise yourself online and allow online ordering of your products.  You can’t tell me that I have to be a client to order the service and then tell me you no longer offer the service when I’ve bought a product to become a client.  Sounds like false advertising to me.

I spent some time investigating alternatives and I found a provider that is less expensive (initially – I believe I pay for the postage of forwarded mail rather than receive a set number of items forwarded per year so it may ultimately be at a higher cost.)  I’ll eventually do a post on how I like the virtual office provider.  Hopefully they will not disappoint.

In other news, it was super easy to order phone service for my new virtual office.  I didn’t go with the lowest cost provider this time (they had horrible online reviews).  And I ended up with two phone numbers – a 1-866 toll free vanity number that cost me $30 and a local Delaware number.  I need to learn how to use it and actually setup the system.  But I’m sure it can handle the extensive call volume it is currently receiving.

I bet you are just looking for my mailing address or phone number if you have reached this post.  So I won’t make you wait any longer.  My mailing address is:

Funtober LLC
501 Silverside Rd. Ste 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

You can reach me by calling either 302-298-1000 or my awesome vanity number – 1-866-OKTOBER (658-6237).

I hope you had a Happy Memorial Day!  I took the weekend off and had a relaxing time.  So no work on ghost tours was completed.  This week, I’ve got some other online marketing work to do.  But I’ll have the ghost tour page up and running as soon as possible.

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